Ajay Gupta | Businessman, Author and Edupreneur


Ajay Gupta is a renowned name in the field of education. He established his organization S.K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. with immense dedication, naming it after his father S.K. Gupta. In 2004, Ajay Gupta launched his flagship brand Bachpan on the franchise model, and there are more than 1100+ Bachpan Play Schools all over India today. Bachpan revolutionized the preschool segment in ways never thought of before and the credit goes to the vision of its founder. Ajay Gupta’s Academic Heights Public Schools (AHPS), which has 100+ schools spread over India, runs across the same theme as Bachpan.

Technology plays a crucial role in both Bachpan and AHPS. Virtual Reality, Speaking Books, Speaking Pens, Robotics—each of them is meant to prepare students for the digital future, and Ajay Gupta had the foresight to introduce tech-driven education much before the recent pandemic. In the year 2013 itself, S.K. Educations collaborated with the tech-proficient Prismart Productions. Prismart mapped 100% curriculum and created e-learning material for students, including 3D interactive videos and quizzes.

All this fosters the holistic development of students and distinguishes Bachpan and AHPS from other education providers. Ajay Gupta mentors Prismart and business acumen makes sure that the best of technology is accessible to every child on the road to education and learning. Since technology plays a prominent role in this digital world that we inhabit, students need to have their base strong from the very beginning in order to meet the challenges of the future. Ajay Gupta strives to work on this very thing through his ventures.

Ajay Gupta is a successful serial entrepreneur who has taken over the world of college education as well. He is the co-founder of Rishihood University, which is India’s first social-impact university in the sense that it is accessible to all people with and without disabilities. Ajay Gupta is a man strongly rooted in tradition despite reaching the heights of futuristic education, so no wonder that Rishihood aspires to rebuild the ancient Takshashila and create strong-minded citizens who serve mankind. Ajay Gupta is also the co-founder of Delhi’s largest diagnostic centre Must & More and the founder of Hum Honge Kamyab Foundation which is a social enterprise seeking to increase accessibility for people with disabilities. Ajay Gupta wrote a bestselling book “Decoding Business Minds”, in addition, so as to stimulate aspiring entrepreneurs in the direction of success and our country in the direction of progress.


Entrepreneurial Journey at a Glance


The journey of Ajay Gupta as an entrepreneur kick-started with the establishment of his Play School wing in the year 2004 - Bachpan. With its inception, it flew to humongous heights and rapidly became a chain of 1100+ franchises. Bachpan has changed the ways for preschools in India.


The humongous heights of Bachpan Play School found another companion in the year 2009, and it was time to work on the academic heights of young students. Currently, Academic Height Public School has more than 100+ franchises that innovatively work on the modern K-12 school curriculum.

rishihood university

The newest addition to Mr. Ajay Gupta to his education ventures, Rishihood University is nurturing a learning ecosystem in the areas of healthcare, creativity, design, art & education. The university is ready to fulfill all the desires that the youth possess for obtaining a successful career path.


The team at Prismart has regularly introduced a mixed bag of technology, intelligence, and learning that assists the children of the modern world and allows them to be at ease while they develop. Their smart education tools cater to the needs of students at both Bachpan and AHPS.


Must & More marked his presence outside the world of education as he started this multi-specialty diagnostic center in the year 2013. There are currently two active centers in Delhi that are composed of quality diagnosing machines and pathologists.

hum honge kamyab

Considering the disabled as specially-abled, Hum Honge Kamyab is an NGO established by Ajay Gupta who himself made a name being an Entrepreneur on Wheel Chair. HHK is dedicated to empowering disability rights and giving a space that is full of willpower, satisfaction, and ultimately happiness