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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Ajay Gupta is brought up in Delhi with roots originating from simple middle-class business family. The 47-year-old enthusiast is born to spearhead diverse industries, having explored finance, export & food segment with his passion and unparalleled skill sets. The visionary leader drives the Strategic goals of the organization and fosters business development by Designing and implementing innovative strategies and products that are scalable. He leads the team with determination and oversees the daily operations of the company in the interest of all stakeholders.

Bachpan play school instils a spirit of joy and fervour in children for learning new things and outshine in the competitive world. Being one of the most renowned nursery schools, Bachpan has all that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education!

Bachpan play school instils a spirit of joy and fervour in children for learning new things and outshine in the competitive world. Being one of the most renowned nursery schools, Bachpan has all that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education!

Bachpan play school instils a spirit of joy and fervour in children for learning new things and outshine in the competitive world. Being one of the most renowned nursery schools, Bachpan has all that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education!

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Prismart was established in 2010 by the vision of Mr. Deepak Deopa.He started the company by the name of Gyan Era Learning Solutions Pvt. ltd. (GELS). His vision is to bring the latest and most advanced technological tools from Production to education segment for providing better education standard to the schools and considering this, the first step was to create a good strong team of 3D animators which can produce Feature Film standard output and creating with them developing premium quality content from preprimary segment to Class 5. Thus providing best education solution and continued it for K12 education which never had been established in such a manner. With focusing on cost effective hardware solution and to upgrade smart classroom he introduced Prismart Magic that is highly interactive and appealing.

He introduced many amazing products with the support of 100+ team standing strong right behind him. Prismart brought sound to the paper for quick and easy learning with “Talking Pen” that keeps long lasting impact on the learner’s mind and helps the students in many ways to understand the early age of communication. To make education system more defined, Prismart introduced innovative products like "Robotime", a robotics lab from nursery to class 12 so that our children can compete with international level and make them future ready. To reduce the burden of books and to make classroom more attractive and engaging we created “PRITAB” that gives the hand on education to the students.

PRISMART’s educated and experienced team simultaneously working on different kinds of projects like 3d modeling, animation etc. and grooming themselves for future challenges. With their production team Prismart worked on many Indian Cartoon series projects like Shiva, Chacha bhatija etc. and also has a tie up with different Indian Companies and continuously working on Cartoon series and movies for International Projects. Prismart also working on new technologies like Virtual Reality since 2 years and continuously grooming in this field day by day and providing best modeling and animation services to the world level clients and become a leader of Virtual Reality Service provider in India. With a clear vision to improvise and compete with new challenges Prismart is also working on AR App services from real state sector to the healthcare industry, to provide attractive training videos and advertisement.Prismart also uses AR/VR advanced technology in education field using scientific research level approach to catch the children’s imagination and encourage their attention.

With a noble objective of redefining school education by implementing innovative learning and teaching methodologies, S. K. Educations Pvt. Ltd an ISO 9001:2008 organization, has initiated its model schools under the brand name of Academic Heights Public School. Incorporating a truly new-age academic metaphor, AHPS aims at enriching each student’s intellect with higher degree of knowledge and moral values that go a long way in laying the foundation of a successful and contented life.

S. K. Educations, established in 1995, has proven its superiority in the arena of pre-school education in India with its benchmark Bachpan brand that is spread all across the country. With more than 1000 schools, Bachpan is now trusted and most cherished play school education brand for its great learning aids and education methodologies. And now AHPS has been conceived to extend the same proven education methodologies at the formal school level.

Academic Heights Public Schools, with its 100 schools across the country, strives to instill the value of education to the subconscious level of the students. Thus at AHPS, education is an inspiration not a compulsion. The intuitive instructional methods have been practiced to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils. The idea is to empower the students with creative and imaginative instincts that will give them better problem-solving skills in every aspect of life.

AHPS, with its modern schools equipped with all facilities, aims at chiseling the young brains to make them winners in their lives. The students passed out from AHPS are the real assets to the society and the Nation.

The mission of Hum Honge Kamyaab is to reach out to as many organizations, be it Private Ltd.,Government Bodies or Public areas directly to the infrastructure management person who can listen to
us and make their campus disabled friendly - Accessible in all terms.

The vision of Hum Honge Kamyaab is to ensure persons with physical disabilities have access to facilities they need to live an empowered and fulfilling life. These programmes build their self-esteem and give them the confidence to work on their dreams and aspirations.

Hum Honge Kamyaab is financially funded by Bachpan...a play school, Academic Heights Public School and Rishihood University

The figures are damning to society. It is estimated that 13.4 million people with disabilities in India in the employable age group of 15-59 years.

By Simply Auditing your premises we can guide you to bring basic changes in your infrastructure which allow mobility for specially abled!

Hum Honge Kamyaab Foundation started in 2018 to focus on wheelchair accessibility.

Hum Honge Kamyaab Foundation is building awareness in different industries on general physical accessibility guidelines for them to then implement them in their workplaces.

Many of them may be talented and capable, sadly, lose their self-esteem and become powerless to shape their own destinies.

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